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Observations from DC: Day 3 (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

There is a huge disconnect between the Federal Government and State Governments. Legislators serving on the state level believe they can do a better job than those serving in DC; state legislators all want to be players on a national scale. The truth: if they could, they would.

It drives state legislator’s nuts to be told what to do … and the Federal Government not only has that power, but (as we know) uses it often.

Today on “News and Views” we learned the oil industry believes the Obama Administration holds back and delays permits on federal lands.  The permitting process takes over a year, and in some cases, it doesn't happen at all.

Only an election can change that, and even then, there is no guarantee someone searching for the permit will get it.  Sometimes they shouldn't, sometimes they ask for things that aren't in the best interest of the public.  And, after all, that’s who owns the land.

However, I believe to wait a year to be told yes or no is nothing short of ridiculous.