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Observations from DC: Day 2 (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

In life, we get used to things.

Today I found myself sitting in the nations capital visiting on-air with a United States Senator, Jack Ekstrom with Whiting Petroleum, Jay Ottoson the COO of SM Energy and Roe Buckley the Chairman of The United States Oil and Gas Association. 

We talked about North Dakota’s future, the transmission of product, investments in infrastructure, energy independence, and how it has an affect on your life in a positive and negative way.

In the end, that’s what it comes down to for me. It’s about you. It comes down to a better North Dakota and better United States for you. I truly believe we end up in wars because we will not develop ALL of our resources in a safe way. It isn't just oil. It is wind, coal, ethanol, natural gas and bio-diesel. In our part of the world, we have it all.  

It isn't just corn and soybeans America wants (and needs) from us anymore.

When one of those people pushing for energy independence happens to be your sister, it makes things even better.

No, I truly hope I don't get used to this.