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It Just Goes Too Fast (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

It is probably my age, or the fact that my 4th grandchild is on the way, but sometimes it feels like life is moving too fast. Friends who listen to “News and Views” often point out that I have a great life, a life and career that allows me to talk to people from all backgrounds.

When I was young, I listened to Jim Adelson cover tons of sporting events – basketball, golf boxing - if it was important you could count on Jim to be there. This pastFriday,I continued my tradition of bringing Jim back on KFGO to discuss his history at the high school basketball tournaments. 

For just a second, put yourself in my shoes. This man I watched and listened to throughout my entire youth was on-air … with me. As a young sports fan, I watched Jim give the scores, highlights and commentary. And then as a UND student, I watched Jim at the games, in person.  He brought world class college hockey to the upper mid-west and turned thousands of us into hockey fans.

The crowd at UND loved to hate him. They would chant until he finally acknowledged their existence by waving his white hanky. Both the people at the game, and the folks listening at home, knew Jim was doing something few others would do. He went the extra mile and brought it into your home. Jim Adelson outworked his competition and shared his love of sports and broadcasting with all of us.

Yes, I had the opportunity to visit with Jim Adelson. And in the fast-paced electronic world where everything is right at your fingertips, I am going to take a step back and enjoy the moment. We can hit warp speedtomorrowbut for now I just want to look at a my buddies in the fish house and say "hey, I talked to Jim Adelson today!".