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Help Leith. Donate. (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

I can now officially say I have been to Leith, North Dakota.

At the request of some in Grant County (where Leith is found), News and Views hit the road.

If you haven’t heard, Craig Cobb has started buying up land and inviting fellow white extremists to join him in Leith for an all-white conclave.

When I arrived in Leith, I saw the same small-town America/ small-town North Dakota I grew up in. It’s the same small-town where people of modest means find a place to call home and raise their families. To live out their lives in retirement and remind people of old days when they had a school. A small-town who never wanted attention.  A town that, I assume, never had to lock their doors. And, they wouldn't pull their keys because if their pickup was gone, their first instinct was someone had to borrow it!

All of that changed when Craig Cobb moved to town and hung Nazi and Confederate flags.

Now our neighbors in Leith don’t feel safe at their city council meetings. One town council member told me he takes his family on the road with him when he works. He is worried about leaving them home alone. Another council member, married to an African American, said they will not give up on their home, it is part of their lives and racists are not going to take it from them.  She has the true American spirit.

This could have happened to anyone of us. In fact, it still can. Leith will need more than your prayers. (Although prayers are truly welcome.) They need your support. I can attest, it feels good to donate.

Here is how you can help: donate to the City of Leith Legal Defense Fund.  Send your check to the Grant County State Bank, 202 North Main Street, Carson, ND 58529 or go to www.leithnd.com