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Get Rid of Daylight Saving Time (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

As a former member of the North Dakota Legislature, I always think of bills I should have passed (or at the very least introduced). For example, if there is any way I could have passed a bill to get rid of daylight savings time, I would have. I absolutely despise it. Like many, the time I got to bed and get is up is a very set-in-stone routine.  And this time change has me all messed up. 

In other words, I am like an old dairy cow and still know what stall is mine.

To get back to my point: Why in the world do we need daylight savings time? What does it accomplish?  Other than obvious, which is to waste an hour out of my life resetting all the clocks in our house? 

A Native American friend of mine said, "Only the white man would cut 1/24 of a blanket off the top and sew it onto the bottom and think it is longer". You have to admit, he’s right! Arizona ignores daylight savings time. They choose to know what time it “truly” is everyday of the year.

Yep, that would have been one important piece of legislation. I would have put that bill in and then focused on the new UND nickname… The Thunder!