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Dad Always Said (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

Does Easter mean the same to you right now as it did when you were young? For me the answer is no and that is a sad thing. I miss some of the traditions that came with a big Easter celebration. I miss knowing that my brother was going to hide eggs (and some of them wouldn't be found until we noticed the smell weeks later).

Easter has changed, especially in the work place. Years ago, Good Friday was not considered a day of work and, now, how many of you are going to be working this Good Friday?

Most employers don't grant any vacation days for Easter. In years prior, Good Friday was a day off, as Easter fell on Sunday. However, those days (for many) are long gone.

However, Im not sure it matters to my grandkids. For them, new traditions are being formed, like a church service to celebrate rebirth and a renewal of life and, of course, an Easter basket and eggs somewhere close as well.

Have a great Easter and as Dad always said, this is the important one.