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Common Sense (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

The Super Bowl should be played on Saturday. It’s this nation’s most popular sport because it has the support of “blue collar America”.  The men and women who work paycheck to paycheck made football cool; they are the ones that spend dollars on the team’s attire, beer and tickets. 

So, why doesn't the NFL understand their lifestyle?

Sure, some people work shifts and weekends, but the vast majority put in 40 + hours, 5 days a week and are off Saturday’s and Sunday’s. Which means come Monday morning, they better be ready for a full day’s work; they aren't going to do that with a hangover or heartburn. (Well, most of them…)

The NFL is catering to those attending the Super Bowl. The people with jets, deep pockets and luxury suites; the game caps-off a full weekend of "events". They can afford the $5,000/ ticket and an extra night at the Four Seasons.

But they aren't the NFL! They just want to be “cool” and to be “seen”. 

Give the game back to the fans that made it cool and who want to have a Super Bowl party… and still make it to work on Monday without getting written up.