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Common Core (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

Is it wrong to ask someone opposed to an issue: who are you and how many do you have? Nine years experience as a radio talk show hosts tell me no. The individuals fighting against Common Core in North Dakota recently brought in someone from out of state to tell ND Legislators how Common Core is being forced down our throats from out of state. The meeting was closed to the public and press. It was an invitation to Legislators alone.

So, who are these people that don't want Common Core implemented in North Dakota? As best I can tell they are a very conservative group of Legislators and activists. They have conservative friends in the media that have always come to their cause (whatever it might be). And they use buzz words, like: federal control, indoctrination, social engineering, and written in secret as fuel for the masses.

Heres the truth: Common Core State Standards is a state lead effort. North Dakotareceived no federal funding and decided on it's own to implement Common Core. Common Core is just another way of saying that we want every state to teach a common theme in each grade level. Wouldnt it be nice to know if you move to another state your child would meet the same standards in his/her new school?

And, yes, the North Dakota legislature decided we should have a way of testing our students to meet these high standards. Why not? After all, it is a means to test how we are doing at the most important job we have. Educating youth. It is a way of setting, measuring and meeting the goal of educating our youth. The generation few politicians truly care about.

So, I go back to my original question. Who can be opposed to that? Who in the world would stand in the way of improving the lives and opportunities of our kids?

People not able to recognize or acknowledge we can do better than leading the nation in college drop outs. People, I would guess, are few in numbers but strong in friends (in the media). People who get elected by making you fear instead of dreaming and achieving.

The only test I ever feared in my life was one I wasn't ready for Let's get ready.