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Closing Out My Time In DC (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

Every time I visit Washington DC, I learn something. This time I learned they don't like snow. It feels as though the residents of DC are in denial. Here is a news alert to officials and residents of DC: it snows here. 

It was weird to walk around and see people dressed like they are ice fishing on Devils Lake when it is 30 degrees outside and snowing. I will say, the capitol and city are gorgeous when snow covered. If for no other reason, you would think they would appreciate that.

For the past three days we have showed you how the oil industry is looking to the future, what their national policy agenda looks like and, during the discussion, we gave you access to some of the nations leaders.

That is what we should do; after all, that is what “News and Views” is all about.

Now it is time to go back home… where people don't use umbrellas in the snow. (Seriously, she had an umbrella… in the snow.)