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Ask Yourself: What's In It For Them? (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

I have a couple of “indicators” when it comes to any political debate. I always ask myself: “what is driving the passion for the argument” … “Is it the fact that they were raised this way”… “Or did they use research and analysis to come up with their opinion”?

And, obviously, I have to ask, “What’s in it for them”?

Let's start from the beginning.  I believe many people retain their opinions because it’s in their bloodline. The most glaring example: their parents were Democrats or Republicans, so they were going to be the same. Most often when you point out where their life is in direct conflict with their beliefs they simply will say, "so what". 

All of these “indicators” came to mind when I watched the Cheney daughter’s controversy play-out in the media all weekend. 

So, now I ask, how many people do you know that could care less if a gay couple is married? I have friends on both sides of the isle that agree: it is none of their business one way or another. The problem: in order to get elected from a conservative state, you cannot support the rights of gay individuals to be married. And for some, by the teaching of their church, in order to go to heaven, you can not support gay marriage. 

This controversy is playing itself out in Wyoming. Two sisters are engaged in a war of words and soul: one wanting desperately to be the most conservative in the room and the other is a parent, a spouse and gay. Who do you think would win in a conservative state?

In the end it comes down to the last (and maybe most important) “indicator”. What’s in it for them? Liz Cheney believes the United States Senate seat is in it for her. She is wrong and history will prove it. 

Oh, and Dick Cheney's family is not going to have a great Thanksgiving.