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A different time... (Written by: Joel Heitkamp)

by Amy Iler

Sue and I had two children by the time we were 23 years old. A friend of ours lent us his trailer house to live in when we first got married. He didn't ask for rent because he knew we didn't have it; all he asked was that we pay the power bill. (The power was shutoff one month because our payment was late.) And, the first night in the trailer I caught seven mice. 

Well, you get the picture.

I don't look back on those days as though they were better or worse than any other time in my life, rather I just think it was a different time. Some of you were - or are - right where Sue and I were at that time and my guess is you don't think of yourself as poor. You just feel as though your starting out. I agree. 

For the next week I will be on vacation in Jamaica. If someone would have told us in 1984 we would be taking a winter vacation I would have lost it laughing out loud... not only was a vacation not a priority but between baby formula and diapers, it was not a reality. 

So, what changed (other than our attitudes about North Dakota winters)? I would have to say we grew up. Now you are expecting me to preach about education, working hard and setting goals, well, I am not going to. What I am going to do is recognize I don't have to feel guilty for going. 

For the next week I will not be on the air with you. I am going to miss my kids and grandkids. I am going to miss getting a chance to visit with you everyday. I am going to miss shooting the bull with Amy and the rest of the crew at KFGO... but I think the key to a good vacation is to not miss it too much.

We'll ride together again soon.