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Thoughts On North Dakota State University's 51-0 Victory Over Delaware State University

by Dan Gunderson


  • If you haven't yet, check out my experience from what happened in downtown Fargo prior to kickoff.
  • Speaking off kickoff, very quiet crowd prior to kickoff. Don't blame them. They have to be a worn out bunch going from tailgating to GameDay and back to tailgating. Nope. I was wrong. They were loud.
  • According to the two-deep, Delaware State has one player from the state of Delaware. Football talent must be sparse in the nation's first state.
  • Tom Stapleton, the head referee, called NDSU South Dakota State. That's a good omen considering NDSU plays them next week. He actually called Delaware State SDSU. I guess even the referee is looking forward to next week.

First Quarter

  • Delaware State University's QB fumbled on the first snap of the game and proceeded to lead his team to a three and out. The Hornets followed that up with an ugly punt. Great start gentlemen.
  • Carey Woods, the guy who I have tabbed to have a decent season, had a third down pass go off his hands that he should have caught during the first offensive drive.
  • Cole Jirik came off the field favoring his left shoulder/arm after a second down play with about 11 minutes to go in the first quarter. His helmet was taken from him after some time on the sidelines, which usually means he is not going to return.
  • Jeremy Gordon took over for Jirik after he left with an injury. 
  • On John Crockett's first two runs of the game, it looked like he was shot out of a cannon.
  • NDSU's first touchdown of the game came on a short pass from Brock Jensen to Ryan Smith. Looked similar to the play NDSU ran to score against K-State.
  • On a second down player, again, for the Hornets they had TWO Bison defenders jump off-sides but because they didn't touch an opposing player and DSU didn't snap the ball, no infraction.
  • Of course, on the next play, Bison blitz LB Carlton Littlejohn and down goes QB Cory Murphy.
  • The second touchdown pass of the game was pretty easy. For some reason, as Jensen released the ball, the corner for DSU came off his man, Zach Vraa, and left Vraa wide open for an easy score.
  • Marcus Williams came up with his 20th interception of his career. That puts him one behind Jeff Smith of Illinois State on the Missouri Valley Football Conference career interception list. He is currently third all-time.
  • The pick 6 also ended up being William's sixth interception returned for a TD, which tied an FCS record.
  • Look who is on the program cover because it always happens this way

  • Del. State punted four times in the first quarter. Would have been five but Marcus Williams kind of ruined that.

Second Quarter

  • On a scramble, Jensen leveled a couple Del. State defenders. Obviously the guy is not afraid of contact.
  • Bison went for it on a fourth and goal, which being up 20-0 might seem like pouring it on but I like the call. Regardless of who you are playing, wouldn't you want six instead of three? Easy call for head coach Craig Bohl.
  • After that touchdown, I saw fans start to get up and leave. Don't blame them. This game is getting really boring from a fan's standpoint. I'm waiting for the backups to play.
  • The roughing the punter penalty on Bryan Shepherd does not come as a surprise. NDSU has been sending a lot of players after the punter the entire game.
  • Hornets started to actually move the ball offensively with about nine minutes to go in the half.
  • NDSU busted out the no huddle offense halfway through the quarter. Must be giving SDSU and UNI some other things to look at.
  • Brock Jensen passed Steve Walker on the all-time completions list at NDSU with his pass to Ryan Smith with just under 6 minutes to go. It was career completion 536 for Jensen.
  • Jensen hit Cooper Wahlo Jr. on a beautiful pass for another touchdown, the fifth of the half for NDSU. I'm going to go ahead and call this one with 4:38 to go in the first half with NDSU up 34-0.
  • If a crowd could be taken out of a game due to too much scoring, it might be this game right here. Not many fans are into this one right now.
  • Carson Wentz entered the game with just over a minute to go in the first half. Everybody was telling me two weeks ago that coach Bohl just doesn't put backups in too early. This would be considered early I believe.
  • Wentz has looked good in the one drive, that ended in another touchdown for the Bison. 41-0 at this point and I am starting to wonder if Del. State just wants to go home and go home now.
  • NDSU went into the locker room with a monster 41-0 lead and everybody left early due to exhaustion and a realization that this game was over before it started.

Third Quarter

  • Excited for this second half because I want to see how the back ups play. I said this week in Pinto's Preview that you should expect a lot of reps for back-up QB Carson Wentz. Looks like he will play the entire second half.
  • So far, we have seen Wentz scramble a couple times and he looks faster than Jensen in the open field. He wants to lower his shoulder like Jensen in the open field too.
  • It is too bad that Crockett was taken out of the game. He was well on his way to getting over 100 yards on the ground for the first time this year. He has looked very quick today but that could be a product of the team he is running against.
  • Wentz throws his first touchdown pass of the year to Kevin Vaadeland. Play action near the end zone and Vaadeland was WIDE (think much more wide open than an all caps WIDE can describe) open in the back of the end zone. 
  • Pierre Gee-Tucker with a solid hit in this quarter. I really hope he ends up being the type of player everybody says he can become.
  • Darius Anderson, the fourth string running back from Kapolei, Hawaii looks like he would be a lot of fun to watch as a feature back. Short, shifty and at 184 pounds can pack a wallop.
  • Back-up kicker Tom Barneson even got into the action, knocking in a field goal to make it 51-0 NDSU.
  • Hello? Anybody left here?

Fourth Quarter

  • Delaware State facing a fourth down and nine and decided to go for it because why not. Already down 51-0, might as well go all out. Play was an incomplete pass and Gee-Tucker almost came up with the pick.
  • Wentz is a play-maker no doubt about it but he needs to refine his touch. Rocket arm but needs to use it when the situation calls for it. 
  • Chase Morlock getting another shot at RB today. Probably the last time we will see Morlock at RB all season for a couple reasons. One, he is the fifth string running back. Second, don't count on NDSU being up 51-0 once they enter MVFC play.
  • I know it is early but here are your running backs for NDSU in 2014. John Crockett, Darius Anderson and Chase Morlock. That is not a bad stable of backs. You also have to consider how good Wentz has looked in the open field. What are the chances coach Bohl brings back the triple option? 
  • Players toss Bohl's headset off and throw the Gatorade on him to celebrate his 92nd career win as head coach of NDSU.
  • Third string QB Derek McGinnis sees the field for the last minute plus of the game. Doesn't throw a pass but at least he took a couple snaps!
  • NDSU runs all over Delaware State 51-0. NDSU moves to 3-0 overall and will open up MVFC play with a road game against rival (I suppose if we can call them that) South Dakota State University.

Post Game Stats

  • NDSU held Del. State to 34 yards rushing.
  • NDSU had four sacks.
  • Brocke Jensen ended the game with 138 yards passing and three throwing touchdowns.
  • NDSU had 548 yards of total offense.
  • Not one player had more than nine carries as NDSU ran for a total of 305 yards rushing.

Post Game Comments

  • Head coach Craig Bohl said as of right now, it appears Jirik will be good to go for next week's game in Brookings.
  • Said players did a great job of making sure GameDay wasn't a distraction.
  • Here is coach Bohl's comments on being on GameDay. "I have been watching that show for I don't know how long. You see all these highlights of LSU and Clemson and Oklahoma and then you see our guys. I remember my wife and I have tons of live TV and she says you look kind of nervous and I said I am. So I walk out there and the thing that made me uncomfortable is they started powdering my head. I did not know that. All the fans went nuts. That was probably as much fun as I had."
  • Marcus Williams on ESPN's College GameDay coming to Fargo. "I think College GameDay was really a big thank you from us to them. So they can experience this. See how it is to be like other big schools that you see on TV every other week."

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