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Saturday Sign Guide

by Dan Gunderson

One of the best parts of ESPN’s College GameDay has nothing to do with the personalities. In fact, it has everything to do with the fans and their creativity. I am referring to the signs that fans in the crowd hold up as ESPN cameras pan by those in attendance.

I can’t, of course, tell people what they should and should not put on their signs but I am going to give you some suggestions or ideas for topics that I would like to see appear. I’ll also give you the ideas or topics I don’t want to see appear but I know ultimately will.

Should Happen:
Anything to do with the movie Fargo. Embrace the fact that a movie that won Academy awards has the name of the town. Also, the main character has my last name so that is a bonus. If you can find a way to include Gunderson, Wood Chipper and “Ya! You betcha!” all in one sentence, you are my hero.

FBS post season system is a joke. You can get more creative than that, but you get the picture.

Big Ten not scheduling FCS schools. Included in this topic should be NDSU’s record against FBS schools and the University of Minnesota not wanting Craig Bohl to coach their team. Actually, just rip Minnesota. I don’t really care about the rest of the Big 10.

Please, poke fun at what people think of North Dakota. “We hid our polar bears for College GameDay.” “No. This is not Southern Canada.” “This is the first time it hasn’t snowed in September in two decades!” I will accept all of those.

Referencing certain players and their super human qualities. I have already heard of people talking about Brock Jensen and Chuck Norris in the same sentence. Go nuts folks. Love these comparisons.

Shouldn’t Happen:
Referencing the school up north. What’s the point? It is no fun to make fun of a school and how bad they are when they already know it. Man. That school is really bad at football. (Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.)

Bring on ‘Bama! You want to know what will happen if they do, in fact, bring on ‘Bama? This…

How bad Sam Ponder’s husband is at football. She is already fully aware.

The location of GameDay in Fargo. The argument to begin with was stupid. Just let it go.

Self-promotion. No one, outside of your friends, wants to follow you on Twitter. Or go out with you. So stop it.

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