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by Sandy Buttweiler

This morning at work, one of our colleagues and personal friends, Greg Ressler, was sharing samples from a jar of pickles his Dad made. Amy, Jack and I sampled, and agreed that they might be the best pickles we've ever had. Trust me, you would pay big bucks for a jar of these pickles. Greg's Dad, Richard, made a pickle that tasted like dill, a little sweet, and with a good kick to them. While Richard was in Arizona last winter, he was going through old recipes and found an old newspaper that he had saved for years. He saved it for a reason. When Richard and his wife returned to West Fargo, he made a batch and brought them to the local VFW. Richard said, 'they seemed to like them" He went on to make five or six more batch's. So, here it is...THE BEST PICKLE RECIPE, EVER...Thank you, Richard.