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Tribute To My Dad

by Sandy Buttweiler

My Dad, Elmer Buttweiler either coached, or played baseball, softball, football, and broomball throughout his life. When I was little he was on three softball teams in Minneapolis. Later in life, late 60's, he coached the local Columbia Heights Legion Baseball Team. He went on to start a Legion Program, supported by New Brighton, MN American Legion Post #513. Mark Kalata was one of his Legion players, so when he needed a good coach, they were reunited. Together they and their players went on to win many Championships. Mark's sister, Gail has taken over the passion of Legion ball and volunteers tirelessly for the program to this day. Elmer "retired" in 1997. Gail wrote a tribute to Dad on that Championship Season. I always say that Gail was Dads other favorite daughter, my little sister being the first. I hope you enjoy it...