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Best Cole Slaw Recipe, Ever!

by Sandy Buttweiler

I received this recipe from my friend, Jane Tandberg. She made it at the lake, with pork chops one night, and I thought at the time that it was the best cole slaw I had every eaten. I am not big on the creamy cole slaw. There are many variations on this salad. Many of you probably already make it. I made my version for "Dinner Club" at Mike McFeely's house on Monday. It complimented the fresh walleye, and fried potatoes nicely. It was a big hit. We've had many requests for the recipe, so here goes...

Here are a couple of tips. I use Beef Ramen. However; you can use any flavor you choose. If you want an oriental slaw, make it with the oriental raman. You get the idea. I also like to mix different types of slaw. The dish I made for the party, I mixed regular slaw and broccoli slaw. Adds color. I also do not skimp on the sunflower seeds and almonds. I use more then the recipe calls for. Another secret is using Red Wine Vinegar. It'l always best to serve a few hours after you make it. Chill. Give a good stir before you serve. It is so simple, and takes no time at all. Enjoy!