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2013 Strange Words Added to the Oxford Dictionary

by Jess Kelley

Mwahahahhaah is in the dictionary??! What??? I didn't know this was even a word. I know want to play scrabble and win some major points!

Definition according to Oxford Dictionary :



  • used to represent laughter, especially triumphal or cackling laughter such as that uttered by a villainous character in a cartoon or comic strip:World domination, at last, is at hand. Mwahahaha! 

Selfie! of course this would be in the dictionary. I think I see this everyday on my facebook or instagram account. 

noun (plural selfies) --(also word of the year!!)

  • a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website:occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself every day isn’t necessary 

Another unfortuante word that is added to the 2013 Oxford Dictionary is... are you ready??!

TWERK! (Oh thank you  Miley Cyrus) 


[no object]informal

  • dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance:just wait till they catch their daughters twerking to this song twerk it girl, work it girl 

Those are just a few...