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Too Tired to Work Out? Maybe You Need a Break

by Christy Taylor

If all your exercise efforts don’t seem to be paying off, it might be because you’re working out too much! Your body needs equal time to rest and rebuild muscle. The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research published a chart to help us gage our energy levels and find that balance. For example, if your muscles ache and you feel completely wiped out, you should take a rest day or try a light active recovery work out. If you’re feeling a little stiff and tired, it suggests you go ahead with your regularly work out, but back off if speed causes discomfort.  If you’re fresh and ready to go…amp it up at the gym! 

The chart is nice to have on hand so you don’t beat yourself up over missing a work out. And it helps you learn to read your body's cues and get the most out of your efforts!