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Gotta be the shoes!

by Ken Lanphear

If you're a runner like me, chances are when you pay a visit to your favorite store for running gear your eyes are immediately drawn to a bright, colorful display on the wall.  It's gotta be the shoes!

It's amazing how far athletic shoes and particularly running shoes have come since the days of the Chuck Taylor All-Stars of my youth.  Which by the way are still fabulous shoes.

But, I find it fascinating to pick up a pair of the new generation of running shoes just to feel how lightweight they area.  Amazing!  And, the cool colors, too.  I'm not currently due to replace my running shoes for a little while, but I have vowed that when I do the number one priority is a cool color!  Neaon green, neon orange? I see more and more color coordinated running outfits and events these days as well, shirts to match the shoes.

Now, I know the most important thing about running shoes is fit, especially with really narrow, high-arched feet like mine.  So, everybody, get fitted for your running shoes by someone who knows what they're doing and you won't regret paying a little more for a quality shoe!

Am I a little over the top on this subject?  It is true that, while I haven't been a runner for all that many years, I do still have every pair of running shoes I have ever purchased still in my closet.  Can't part with em. 

So, lace them up and keep moving!