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Beer Review: Abita Amber Lager

by Jay Morris

I have made it well known that I am a huge fan of hoppy beers. This is not to say that I patently dislike other beers, but hops are king in my book. I have a friend who is my exact opposite, dislikes the hops, and everything about them. His favorite beer is Oberon from Bells This is also one of my really "hot day" go to beers. I had him try one of  my new favorite beer Dales Pale Ale , he was excited to have me try one of his favorites Abita Amber.

Abita Amber Lager ( ABV 4.5%,IBU 17) is brewed in Abita Springs, LA (just north of New Orleans). It's a Munich style lager brewed with crystal malt and Perle hops  Found it interesting that they say "brewed with spring water" on the cap. Not sure if that is suppose to be good or bad, just don't remember seeing that on most beer caps. Abita Amber has a nice copper color and I would call an earthy malt taste. Amber lagers are usually not my choice, but after working all day, coming home and tending to the yard for a few extra hours, I must admit this beer tasted good. I would say it is much more of a light amber though. If you are looking for a bold flavored beer, this one is not for you. I would consider Abita Amber Lager a solid "hot day" kind of a beer.