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June Dairy Month More Than A Good Breakfast

by Mike Austin

With June Dairy Month 2014 now in our rear view mirror I though it might be good to reflect on the value of the events and applaud the host families and dairy promotion committees for a job well done. I had the pleasure of attending a dozen breakfast on the farms this year plus Calumet Counties Sundae on the farm and despite far from ideal weather at some of the events attendance was impressive. Just counting the crowds from the events I attended, over 48,000 people got a first hand look at what production agriculture is all about and to see the hard work involved in these well run family operation.

Sure the people got to enjoy a delicious breakfast and the children got to pet a calf or see a cow...and everyone enjoyed a hay or wagon ride, but more importantly these event raised the level of Ag literacy among consumers form both within and from outside the state. These folks got to see first hand the emphasis placed on cow and calf care and comfort. They saw what it takes to produce a gallon of milk and they saw first hand the facilities in which the livestock are housed , fed and milked.

Also it was good to see the dialogue among producers and their customers on what they do on the farm each and every day and why they do it. Even in America's Dairyland the level of Ag literacy is not at the level it needs to be. So these events really do provide an avenue to better educate the public. The venues also serve as a great example of the diversity of our dairy industry...as people got to visit conventional and organic operations. Everything from free stall to tie stall operations , from single to multiple family farms. All with the single purpose of producing high quality, safe inexpensive dairy products .

So to all involved Kudos on a Dairy Good Effort ...people do notice...I have the emails and comments that confirm that. Dairy has a great story to tell and the best story tellers are you ourWisconsinfarmers